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November 17, 2012
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I got an anonymous message asking me if I could make a post with all of Meulin’s talksprites from Openbound, so… here it is! Download link for all her talksprites right —> here <—


  • Meulin had 19 sprites in openbound, 12 of them animated.
  • PRETTY IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to differences between how Openbound calculates the timing of animated talksprites vs. how animated gifs calculate the timing between frames, the timing of Meulin’s mime-sprites cannot be 100% accurately transferred to gif-form. I’ve included two versions of each of these sprites, one that’s 2/3 of a centisecond too fast between frames, and one that’s 1/3 of a centisecond too slow. Use whichever one you want! If you want a more technical explanation, feel free to send me a message.


Tags: #meulin #meulin leijon #openbound #homestuck #ms paint adventures #mspa #homestuck resources #talksprites

971 notes

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